Old Trinity Event Venue Exterior 2

The Chapel

Old Trinity Anglican Church was built in 1842 in Blackville, New Brunswick, Canada. Constructed in the Gothic Revival Style, it was complete with pointed arched windows and doors serving the community continuously for more than a century.

The Move

The truck drivers who delivered Old Trinity reported that their great grandfather had donated the land upon which the church had been originally built. The land where it now resides also had never been built on. Father Dale Petley of All Souls Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City began his ministry at Old Trinity in Blackville in 1982 and was present at the completion of the church. Old Trinity faced east-west in Canada and was rebuilt to face east-west in Oklahoma City.

Some things are meant to be.

New Life

In 1991, the Canadian government declared Old Trinity Church a provincial historic site. However, time and weather took its toll on the little church, and the original bell tower began to pull away from the main body so it was dismantled by Renovator’s Resources, a Halifax based company that salvages old buildings.


Tom Lee, photographer, and entrepreneur, discovered Old Trinity's historical pieces on the Internet. Soon its two entries and eight original stained glass windows along with 6 Gothic doors and jams found a new home in Oklahoma City, November 2001, with the new building designed from pictures of the original church to utilize the historical pieces.

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