About the Chapel

Old Trinity of Paseo was originally built-in 1842.  Named a provincial historic site in her original hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, after 180 years the old church succumbed to age.  Dismantled, the windows, doors, and facings made the move to Oklahoma.  The building was designed around these original pieces to be restored with all her grace and elegance intact debuting as the City's premier wedding and event center.


So whether you desire purely traditional or classically elegant, Old Trinity of Paseo is the perfect locale.  With warm amber lighting, ornate stained-glass windows, and 40-foot Gothic ceilings, Trinity's atmosphere creates a special and unforgettable mood for weddings or any other occasion as well as the only location to include Chavari chairs.  And the landscaped courtyard, with twilight lighting, offers the perfect setting for a whimsical garden party!

If the event is memorable, shouldn't the venue be historical?

Old Trinity Event Venue Exterior
Old Trinity Event Venue Table with Flowe

Our Events

Old Trinity specializes in all-inclusive packages, while still allowing couples the freedom to choose alternative vendors. Our all-inclusive in-house packages are provided by Simply Sisters. You may also bring in your own wedding planner for your event.


So whether you desire a magical wedding planned to the smallest detail or only the location for a wedding/baby shower, anniversary/birthday celebration, civic meeting, memorial, teaching seminar or any soiree of your choosing, choose Old Trinity!

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